Is It Worthwhile to Advertise Your Vacation Accommodation on Multiple Online Booking Platforms?

Tips and tricks · 3 min read · Aug 28, 2023

Choosing the right platform for listing your vacation accommodation is a crucial decision that affects your business and profits. With the emergence of various booking channels, the question arises: Should we list our property on multiple platforms simultaneously? In this blog, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of advertising on multiple booking platforms at once and offer some tips on tackling potential challenges.

What does advertising across multiple online booking channels bring to the table?

Multi-channel distribution, or advertising across various online booking channels, brings several benefits and opportunities for vacation accommodation owners. This strategy involves listing properties on multiple booking platforms like Airbnb,, Vrbo, among others. Such an approach offers expanded access to potential guests and maximizes market opportunities.

Key benefits of multi-channel advertising

Broader Reach: Listing on multiple channels allows for access to a larger pool of potential guests. Each platform has its unique audience, and with multi-channel distribution, you can tap into diverse groups, thereby increasing the chances of more bookings.

Diversified Target Audience: Different platforms attract different types of travelers, from families to business travelers to adventurers. By advertising on varied channels, you can tailor your listings and attract a diverse audience.

Business Stability: Diversifying across channels minimizes the risk associated with relying on a single platform. Should one platform face a dip in demand or change its policies, you can still maintain a steady flow of reservations through others.

Flexible Pricing and Availability: Adjusting prices and availability becomes convenient across platforms, allowing you to adapt to demand. This results in better resource utilization and potentially higher profits.

Increased Competitiveness: Being present on multiple platforms lets you compete with similar accommodations across markets, enhancing your chances of attracting bookings and solidifying your market stance.

Access to Reviews and Feedback: Different platforms provide guest reviews and feedback, which can aid in enhancing your services and attracting new guests.

Challenges and downsides of advertising on multiple booking channels simultaneously

Cumulative Commission Costs: Each booking platform charges a commission for successful bookings. When advertising across channels, these commissions can accumulate, potentially affecting your profit margins.

Risk of Double Bookings: Managing multiple channels can lead to the risk of double bookings when the same date gets booked on different platforms. This can result in confusion, guest issues, and dissatisfaction.

Managing Availability and Pricing: Keeping track of availability and pricing across channels demands precision and swift action. Inconsistencies can lead to guest confusion.

Guest Communication: Responding to inquiries, questions, and messages from multiple platforms can be challenging. Any lapse or confusion in communication might impact the guest experience. The key to successful multi-channel advertising is careful planning, good organization, and leveraging the right management tools.

Strategies for effective multi-channel distribution management

Dedicated Booking Website: Building your own booking website offers guests easy access to information and reservations, thus reducing commission costs.

Comprehensive Booking System & Channel Manager: A Channel Manager provides a centralized interface for managing bookings from different platforms, minimizing the risk of double bookings.

With a Channel Manager, set prices and receive all your bookings in one place while availability updates automatically across all sales channels.

No more worries about overbookings due to missed updates. All bookings arrive in one calendar, with closed dates automatically syncing across all linked channels.

Is advertising on multiple channels worth it?

Absolutely. Despite the challenges and downsides posed by multi-channel advertising, the benefits outweigh and can significantly contribute to the success of your vacation rental business. With increased reach, flexible pricing, and the ability to target diverse audiences, you can ensure a more stable flow of reservations and amplify profits. It’s essential to plan meticulously, utilize tools like the Bentral channel manager, and maintain consistent communication and management across all platforms.

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