Hostelworld: A Guide for Hosts

Sales channels · 5 min read · May 5, 2023

Hostelworld is an online platform that gives hosts around the world easy access to the global traveller market. For hosts offering affordable accommodation options (hostels, hotel rooms, B&Bs, rooms in a tourist farm, tree houses, tented accommodation, etc.), Hostelworld is a very important channel to attract customers and ensure efficient management of accommodation facilities. In this article we will explain what Hostelworld is, how it works and what its commission is for hosts.

What is Hostelworld?

Hostelworld is an online booking platform that allows hosts to advertise their accommodation and sell it to travellers from all over the world. On the platform, hosts can create their own profiles and display all their rooms, rates, photos and other information relevant to potential customers. Travellers can then browse the availability of rooms and choose the one that suits their needs.

How does Hostelworld work?

Hosts can register for free on Hostelworld and create their own profile. They can then start advertising their rooms and beds on the platform and accept bookings. Once a customer decides to book, they pay Hostelworld a commission, which is currently 15% of the total booking amount. Hosts receive the remaining amount directly from guests.

Who are the guests?

Guests at Hostelworld are travellers from all over the world looking for affordable places to stay. They can be individual travellers, groups of friends, families or even student groups. Hostelworld is a popular platform among younger travellers as it offers a huge choice of accommodation at affordable prices, so it is very important that hosts have a presence on this platform.

Is Hostelworld suitable for other types of accommodation?

Although the name Hostelworld refers to hostels, the platform is also suitable for other forms of accommodation such as hotels, apartments, guesthouses and so on. Indeed, Hostelworld offers a wide range of accommodation options that hosts can offer to their guests.

If you have an apartment or hotel that is suitable for travellers looking for affordable accommodation options, then you can use Hostelworld to advertise your rooms and get bookings. You can also use the channel manager to manage your rooms and bookings across multiple platforms, including Hostelworld.

How do I register on Hostelworld?

Registering on Hostelworld is easy and free. Here are some steps on how you can register on Hostelworld:

  1. Go to the Hostelworld website or click here to register.
  2. Click on the “Clikc here to sign” button. Before that, you must agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Fill in the registration form with your personal details and the details and pictures of the accommodation you want to market through Hostelworld.
  4. During the registration process, you will be contacted by a Hostelworld representative with whom you will review the listing and approve it for publication.
  5. If you have a channel manager like Bentral, please inform them as they will make the necessary arrangements to connect you to the channel manager.
  6. Once your ad has been approved by Hostelworld, advertising on Hostelworld will begin.

Bentral Channel Manager for two-way data exchange and business synchronisation

The Bentral channel manager has a (full) API connection to Hostelworld. The API (Application Programming Interface) connection enables automated data exchange between the channel manager and Hostelworld, reducing the need for manual data entry and increasing the accuracy and reliability of the data.

Benefits of the API connection between Bentral channel manager and Hostelworld:

1. Data synchronisation

The API connection enables automatic data synchronisation between Bentral and Hostelworld. This means that data such as room availability, rates and restrictions are automatically updated on Hostelworld, ensuring that your data is always accurate and up-to-date.

2. Manage your bookings

The API link allows Bentral to manage your bookings through Hostelworld. This means that hosts can manage their rooms, rates and restrictions for multiple booking platforms in one place, reducing the chance of errors and allowing for more efficient management.

3. Managing accommodation units

The API connection allows you to manage your accommodation units. This means that rooms can be blocked or unblocked based on availability, reducing the possibility of overbooking and ensuring that rooms are always available for booking.

4. Speed and reliability

The API connection allows for faster and more reliable data updates between Bentral and Hostelworld. This means that data is always up-to-date and accurate, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the chance of errors.

5. Flexibility

The API connection allows hosts to customise their data according to their needs and preferences. This means they can adjust their rates and limits to suit their accommodation and business objectives.

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What are the benefits of using Hostelworld for hosts?

Hostelworld is a very important customer acquisition channel for hosts offering hostel accommodation. Here are some of the benefits of using Hostelworld:

1. Large reach:

Hostelworld has a huge number of users worldwide, which means that hosts can reach a large number of potential customers.

2. Increase bookings:

As Hostelworld is very popular with travellers, hosts can expect an increase in bookings.

3. Easy to manage:

Hosts can easily manage their profiles, rooms, rates and availability on Hostelworld and track their bookings and revenue.

4. Free advertising:

Registration and advertising on Hostelworld is free and hosts only pay a commission for each booking, meaning they can use the platform risk-free.

5. Additional promotion:

Hostelworld also offers various promotional options such as the “Top Picks” feature and social media advertising, which can increase the visibility of the hostel and attract more customers.

What is the commission on Hostelworld?

Hostelworld charges guests a commission of 15% of the total booking amount, while hosts receive the remaining amount. This means that hosts pay nothing to advertise their rooms on the platform, but only pay a commission for each booking they receive through Hostelworld.


Hostelworld is a great platform for hosts offering affordable accommodation options. With Hostelworld, hosts can reach a large number of potential customers, increase the number of bookings and increase revenue. Registration and advertising on Hostelworld is free and hosts only pay a commission for each booking, which means they can use the platform risk-free. Hosts can also take advantage of the additional promotional opportunities offered by Hostelworld to increase the visibility of their accommodation and attract more potential customers.

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