Guest Feedback: Secrets to Effectively Enhancing Your Offer

Tips and tricks · 3 min read · Aug 20, 2023

In today’s hospitality and tourism, offering a nice room or comfortable bed isn’t enough. With increasing competition, it’s crucial to provide an unforgettable experience that will bring guests back. One of the most valuable resources for improving your offerings is guest feedback. Compliments, criticisms, suggestions – all of these are invaluable guidelines that can help elevate the quality of your services to an entirely new level.

Why is guest feedback important?

Guests are your best critics. Their experiences are priceless for understanding what works and what could be improved. Feedback is an excellent indicator of how they feel during their stay at your accommodation. Positive reviews tell you what you’re doing right, while negative ones guide you to areas needing improvement. It’s vital to understand that guests return where they feel valued and satisfied, making refining services paramount.

Practical tips for improving rooms or units

Comfort Compliments and Criticisms: Guests appreciate a comfortable bed, well-insulated rooms, and a pleasant ambiance. Regularly check the quality of bed linens, mattresses, and pillows. Don’t overlook the proper functioning of heating, cooling, and soundproofing of rooms.

Room Equipment and Accessories: Consider what you could add to make the guests’ stay even more comfortable. Perhaps offer more pillows of different firmness and textures, add coffee and more tea varieties, provide free detergents for dishwashers and washing machines, and ensure ample outlets for charging electronic devices. If guests often suggest in comments to add certain amenities they missed during their stay, it’s wise to consider these. Example: If many guests mention that the accommodation is too hot, consider installing air conditioning. Or if they complain about mosquito bites, think about adding mosquito nets.

Hygiene and Cleanliness: Thorough cleaning is a fundamental guest expectation. Regularly inspect the condition of bathrooms, linens, and towels. Account for potential guest allergies and ensure the rooms are odor-free. Don’t forget to dust off shelves, plants, and other objects. Especially be attentive to hair or pet fur hidden in corners.

Emphasis on services: How to enhance hospitality?

Training Staff for Diverse Requirements: Trained personnel are key to a successful guest experience. Ensure your staff is aware of diverse guest needs, from special diets to adjustments for medical reasons. Address any negative feedback about staff behavior or service immediately with training and communication measures.

Fast and Efficient Communication: Be accessible and responsive to all forms of communication. Promptly replying to emails and calls creates an impression of attentiveness.

Adapting Based on Feedback: If you notice repeated complaints or criticisms from several guests, act immediately. Example: If guests frequently mention poor internet connectivity, consider upgrading your telecom package.

Data Analysis for Continuous Improvement: Use various digital platforms or surveys to gather guest feedback for better insights. Identify patterns and trends in the collected data. On platforms like, you can focus on specific guest segments, like business travelers, couples, families, or solo travelers, and even countries they’re from. This provides an overview of your most common guests and allows you to cater to their specific needs.

Building long-term relationships through guest feedback: Feedback isn’t just a tool for improvement but also an opportunity to forge relationships with your guests. When they notice you value their feedback, they’ll feel appreciated and are more likely to return.


Guest feedback is a treasure trove of ideas for refining your offerings. With practical tips for improving rooms and a focus on services, you can create a memorable experience for your guests. Regular data analysis and adaptation based on feedback ensure long-term success. Remember, satisfied guests are the best advertisement for your establishment

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