Hosting on a Tourist Farm: A Guide for Owners

Hosting on a Tourist Farm

Have you ever thought about a holiday on a tourist farm? Such a holiday is a perfect choice, as you can completely relax in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’re considering hosting tourists on your farm, or if you’re planning a trip to a tourist farm, you’re in for […]

How to prevent travelers from bringing additional guests?


Preventing travelers from bringing additional guests can be a challenging task for hotels, vacation rentals, and other types of accommodations. Not only does it potentially disrupt the smooth operation of the property, but it can also create safety and security concerns. Here are some tips on how to prevent travelers from bringing additional guests: 1. […]

The Power of Reviews and Why Reviews Matter


If you’re a property owner or manager in the short-term rental industry, you know how competitive it can be. With so many options for travelers, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd and attract guests to your property. One way to do this is by building a strong reputation through positive reviews. But why […]

5 Tips for Creating a Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

Pet friendly vacation rental

Pets are an important part of many people’s lives. They provide companionship, comfort, and love. When it comes to planning a vacation, pet owners often have to decide whether to bring their furry friends along or leave them at home. Renting a vacation home is one option for pet owners, but there are pros and […]

10 Tips for Successfully Hosting a Vacation Rental


So, you’re thinking of hosting a vacation rental? Great decision! The vacation rental industry is a booming business, with more and more travelers opting for the comfort and privacy of a vacation rental over traditional hotel accommodations. But before you start listing your property and welcoming guests, there are a few things you should know […]

Sustainable Vacation Rental: The Future of Responsible Travel

sustainable tourism

As more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle. The concept of sustainable vacation rental has gained popularity in recent years. A sustainable vacation rental is a property that has been designed and built with the environment in mind, using eco-friendly materials and practices […]

10 Tips for Taking Stunning Vacation Rental Listing Photos:

Taking Stunning Vacation Rental Listing Photos

As a traveler, one of the first things you likely do when looking for a vacation rental on Airbnb, or Vrbo is scroll through the listing photos. After all, these photos give you a glimpse of what the rental property looks like and can help you decide if it’s the right fit for your […]